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Liability exclusion

This liability exclusion declaration is part of the website that has referenced to it. In case parts or clauses of this declaration do not or no longer correspond with current law, this should not affect the content or validity of any other regulation. Invalid regulations should be replaced by the relevant legal regulation.

1. Liability for content
The content of this website was created with a maximum of accuracy. However, we shall not be liable for the correctness, completeness or actuality of the content. As provider of this service we are legally responsible for our own content on this website. However, we are neither obliged to control submitted or stored information from other sources, nor do we have to investigate whether illegal activities are ongoing. We are aware of our liability to remove or block the usage of any content that is in conflict with law. This liability arises from the moment we got aware of any legal infringement. The respective content will be removed immediately, as soon as we are aware of the conflict.

2. Liability for links
Our content contains links to external websites, we do not have any influence. Therefore, we cannot take any responsibility for the content on these external websites. The owner of the linked website is solely responsible for the content on that website. At the moment we have placed the link no law infringement could be observed. We do not constantly observe the content of these websites. We will remove the link immediately, once we have got aware of a legal conflict.



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